The book of Revelation art exhibition


I used water based oil paintings and also some polyurethane car paint when using air brush.  Some of these pictures also are computer graphics, namely the ‘trumpet judgements’,  ‘The woman who rides the beast’ and ‘our crowns’.

Ian and I have taken the paintings to libraries, civic centres, leisure centres and Westminster City Hall.  The aim is to inform people visually of unfolding world events that are in the future from the Bible’s point of view.  Sometimes seeing something can help you to remember better.  Our project is coming from a pretribulational, premillenial. futurist frame of reference.


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Art exhibitions and PowerPoint presentations


prelude to Rev. 1 the resurrection or rapture.

Receiving our crowns 2 Timothy 4:7-8

Revelation 1:13-16 Jesus as glorified king.

Revelation 2:1-7

church at Ephesus

Revelation 3:8 the church at Philadelphia

Revelation 4 The throne of God

Revelation 5:6-9 the seven horned lamb

Revelation 5:11 all beings praise God

Revelation 6:1-8 four horses for apocalypse

Revelation 6:9 martyrs of the tribulation

Revelation 6:12-17 sun darkened, moon blood

Revelation 7:1-8 Jewish

evangelists, 144,000

Revelation 7:13-17

tribulational martyrs

Revelation 8:1-5 angel with incense throwing

Revelation 8:7 first trumpet, blood hail fire

Revelation 8:10 second  trumpet, blood sea

Revelation 8:10-11

third water poisoned

Revelation 8:12 third of the sun struck

Revelation 8:13 the eagle seraphim woes

Revelation 9:3-6 locusts with scorpion tails

Revelation 9:17-21

200,000,000 demons

Revelation 10 mighty angel, little scroll

Revelation 11  two witnesses, anti-christ

Revelation 12:1 Israel, the woman in heaven

Revelation 12:14 Israel given wings of eagle

Revelation 17  one world super church

Revelation 13 the counterfeit holy trinity

Revelation 14 a connecting chapter

Revelation 15 the angels with the bowls

Revelation 16  the bowl judgements

Revelation 18 Babylon destroyed, battle for Jerusalem

Revelation 18 Israel reborn

Revelation 18 the wedding in heaven

Revelation 19:11 - 16

Messiah returns!

Revelation 16:17 - 21

the 7th bowl judgement

Revelation 19:8 the

wedding feast

Revelation 21 The Eternal Home

Revelation 22 The tree of life

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I am indebted to Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum whose book ‘The Footsteps of the Messiah’ has been a necessary aid to understanding Revelation.  Of all the commentaries I investigated to start this journey Arnold’s was the most thorough, scholarly and plausible!  Also my dear husband has been gifted with ‘helps’ and has kept me on my toes and supported the project.  Thank you!


This is our glorious eternal home, the New Jerusalem, made of transparent gold.  It is being viewed by John, who was taken to a high mountain to see it coming out of heaven.  The city exists somewhere today.  It has the appearance of a diamond and is also a cube.  It has a height of 1200 miles, by the same width and depth. Possibly it looks like the longest skyscraper you ever saw!


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COMING UP!  Exhibition and presentation in Gloucestershire U.K., 2020, more details to follow!